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Pets of the Month

MARCH 2012

Sunny Davey is looking and feeling great.  She is another weight loss success story.  Her owner, Ann Davey was proud to help Sunny lose 20 pounds since last April.  That is an equivalent to a 180 pound person losing about 55 pounds!  Sunny also has a healthy set of teeth and gums due to a regular dental cleaning and consistent oral care.  Well done Ann and Sunny!


February 2012

Meet Angie San Filipo, our featured Pet of the Month. Angie is a 9 year old German Shepherd that lives in the loving household of Cathy San Filipo with many other canine and feline friends. Angie is spotlighted this month in honor of National Dental Health Month and she is showing us her healthy mouth compliments of a thorough dental cleaning!






January 2012

Meet January's Pet of the Month, Callie Ohrt with her owner, Betsy Ohrt. Callie is a 16 year old calico with lots of spunk and just enough attitude to see her through twice monthly fluid treatments for chronic kidney disease. Callie also has a slow growing mass on her eye but she continues to be a loving companion for her entire family.


October 2011

Congratulations to Mickey Bishop, the October Pet of the Month. Mickey is a Yorkshire Terrier with a big personality, despite her small size. Mickey was an abandoned animal who found her way into the heart and home of her owner, Brenda; as well as the hearts of the staff at Hudson Pet Hospital. Mickey has beaten the odds by surviving a serious gastrointestinal disease and is now thriving in a wonderful home. Thank you to Brenda for her determination to give Mickey every opportunity to lead a happy, health life!


September 2011

Hudson Pet Hospital would like to congratulate Buck Gehring for being chosen as the September Pet of the Month. Unfortunately Buck has multiple medical issues that have required extensive care, including visits to the University of Minnesota. Despite all that he goes through, Buck has an extremely strong fighting spirit and is a wonderful companion to his owners, Brad and Kay Gehring, and their family. A warm THANK YOU to Brad and Kay also for going above and beyond as owners for the sake of their pet's health. 


August 2011

Hudson Pet Hospital would like to award Toby and Zoe with the August Pet of the Month. They are the winners of our "Biggest Loser" contest! Zoe lost 24% of her body weight and Toby lost 30% of his body weight. The owners, Rose and Larry, were rewarded $75 which they graciously donated to other pets in need of medical treatment. We would like to THANK Rose and Larry for their huge hearts and dedication to their pets' health! THANK YOU!

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